Egwald Statistics: Linear Multiple Regression


Elmer G. Wiens

Your Regression Study

Assume you have a data set that describes the phenomena that you want to examine using regression analysis. It is best if you arrange your data in the form of a matrix, the way I did in my example. The dependent variable is in the first column and the independent variables are in the other columns. Each observation is represented by one row in the matrix.

To keep things manageable, in my package the number of observations must be less than 20 and the number of independent variables less than 6. Also, the number of observations must be greater than or equal to the number of indepent variables(+ the intercept term). If you want an intercept term, click yes. Otherwise, click no.

Regression title
Number of observations
Number of independent variables
Intercept term
Yes No
So you give your study a name and enter it with the number of observations and number of independent variables (don't add in the intercept) into the table. Then click 'submit parameters'.

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